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Colégio Alfa CEM, conceived through the dream of a history teacher, was born with a differentiated, and now revered, educational philosophy that boosts the
student’s perception, making him reflect, question and mainly transform.

Today, as we educate our second generation of students, children of our successful alumni, we rejoice in the certainty that, through our methodology, we are a transforming part of a successful story.

Maintaining the premise that Human Knowledge is the greatest treasure to be bequeathed to the next generations, and that, at the same time, intellectual autonomy will offer the student the ability to handle knowledge, acquired and/or produced, in a unique and authentic way, Colégio Alfa CEM Bilíngue bets on methodological diversification to generate the pleasure of learning, followed by the development of multiple ways of learning throughout life.


Colégio Alfa CEM Bilíngue opened its headquarters in 1994 and since then has accumulated almost three decades of experience in educating children and adolescents in all segments of basic schooling: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School 1 and 2, and High School. Today, with five established units (Jacarepaguá, Barra da Tijuca – Clube da Aeronáutica, Arena Parque Olímpico, Barra da tijuca – Riviera, and Recreio dos Bandeirantes), having about 2000 students and 250 teachers, the group is proud to guarantee a unique pedagogical identity which stimulates intellectual autonomy and the development
of the most relevant human competence: learning to

Organized from an avant-garde curriculum, Colégio Alfa CEM offers bilingual literacy certified by the University of Cambridge in all segments, a program of classes specially directed to the development of socio-emotional skills, wide incentive to the use and production of new technologies in the classroom, methodological diversification to ensure the attention to the singularities in the ways of the teaching and learning of each subject involved in the process and, of course, a lot of affection to walk alongside our students the path of a truly emancipatory education, which allows them to break borders, overcome limits and go beyond.


Learning to learn: this is the pedagogical goal of Colégio Alfa CEM Bilingual. For this, a curriculum organized by increasing stimuli of creativity, discipline and self-knowledge is put into practice. We combine traditional practices and their recognized benefits with new methodologies for active learning that place students at the centre of the educational process and encourage the development of the skills that the 21st century requires: creativity, entrepreneurship and cooperativism.

An immersive bilingual curriculum (certified by the University of Cambridge), Field Works, Interdisciplinary Projects, the use and construction of new technologies in the classroom – altogether – awaken the passion for learning, broaden horizons and potentialities, ensuring that our students are ready to go beyond.


Colégio Alfa CEM values and promotes the continuous training of teams of teachers as well as for all employees involved in the units. Through many meetings throughout the school year, the staff participate in internal and external courses at the best universities and teacher training institutions

Some actions for the staff include:
Courses on active methodologies
Hybrid education training
Weekly meetings with pedagogical leaders
Classroom monitoring and guidance
Performance evaluations

Cambridge exams results

Colégio Alfa CEM’s performance surpasses the national and worldwide grade averages.

Having 100% approval since becoming a
Cambridge Exam Preparation Center in 2015, and since
2018 as a Cambridge Bilingual Partner, Colégio Alfa
CEM achieved an average performance superior to
other Preparation Centres in Brazil and worldwide,
according to the charts.

Our unique approach encourages continuous progress
in English development in the four linguistic skills
assessed on Cambridge international exams: listening,
speaking, reading and writing. Furthermore, the
frequency of application of international exams makes
this step just another assessment on our student’s way
to success.

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