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Educating children and adolescents in an ethical and fraternal environment, encouraging the
development of intellectual autonomy, creativity and social responsibility.


Our branches have the mission of welcoming students and integrating them into social life in facilities suitable for all ages. Computerized and air-conditioned rooms, multipurpose room, full-time teaching room, library, laboratory, multi-sport field, cafeteria, playground, patio with green area, vegetable garden and security system with internal TV circuit.


Bilingual education at our school aims to prepare students for the world, and the use of the English language is brought into everyday life from the very beginning, in Kindergarten, so that they are prepared to take the Cambridge proficiency tests at the end of each class segment.

Close relationship

Betting on a model of personalized service for each child, we offer a school environment guided by an institutional environment of welcoming, bonding and cordiality. Families also enjoy this same atmosphere, feeling that they are effective members of this educational community.


Our teaching methodology is based on teaching how to study: “class given today means class studied today”. Boost the autonomy of students so that they build the capacity for learning and critical thinking in accordance with the challenges of each level of schooling: Kindergarten, Basic Education 1 and 2 and High School.


Abelardo Bueno Avenue , 3401,
Barra da Tijuca

Rachel de Queiróz Street (Clube de Aeronáutica), Barra da Tijuca

Min. Afrânio Costa Avenue, 161,
Barra da Tijuca

Uruçanga Road, 56,
Jacarepaguá Road, 6816,

Guignard Avenue, 50,
Recreio dos Bandeirantes

Isidro de Figueiredo Street, 47,

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